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It is even necessary to imagine the monoface band as produced by this aleatory rotation, this mad segment acting as matrix whose properties never stop changing and so unravelling the unpredictable ribbon of libidinal marks in its output. But even this image needs to be corrected for it is modelled on an industrial machine, for example a wire drawing machine or a rolling mill, and with this model, it implies the category of an accumulation, of a stockpiling, of a material memory, and, what amounts to the same, of a diachrony. For example, you could, I think, modify in an incessant and arbitrary way the norms of extrusion or rolling, and you would still obtain bars or wires with necessarily variable properties. - J-F Lyotard [The Great Ephemeral Skin, Libidinal Economy].

The unconscious is not a theatre, but a factory - [G&D, Anti-Oedipus]

Doomguy is a cybergenetic construct navigated through a multi-planetary conglomerate; becomes involved within a labyrinth of sensation [notably pain], a jet of meat, [SOULSPHERE MANA] - organised with survival as its goal//through whirls of a disjunctive segment in its libidinal journey...producing a collective memory... this, organic universal-in-itself.

A fat slime, pink meat - pushing as it is sucked through, merging into the same singularity - infinte density.

Xenomatrix - an identifiable object of violence - libidinal holocaust. Nuclear love on the mobius skin.

I propose a noclip [IDCLIP] exit strategy – partial invisibility against the current, radiation shielding suit through the digital hypermedia – an escape from the collapse which occurs within the computer system.

Berserk punch through blood red bioluminescent portal, through matter and through cyberspace.

 – the red meat separating the marine from its landscape, an endless claustrophobic cybernation of which one is subjected to an endless death. Doomguy may be immortal but Doomguy is not indestructible;

[Oh, Jesus sweet Jesus, if there ever was a Jesus and if there is a God, please please please let us out of here, or kill us. Because at that moment I think I realized completely, so that I was able to verbalize it: AM was intent on keeping us in his belly forever, twisting and torturing us forever. The machine hated us as no sentient creature had ever hated before. And we were helpless. It also became hideously clear:

If there was a sweet Jesus and if there was a God, the God was AM.]

– H. Ellison – I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.

The conglomerate in which this body is trapped appears dead [with its apocalyptic toxic-waste landscape, cybergenetic meltdown, mutated cooperation fascinated by the trans-teleportation hovering above an underworld]   – but it is the link between planet Mars and its Moon [Phobos] which is dead, it is this labyrinth which is in fact parasitic, feeding off the vulnerable corpse of the solar system – its alterity [invasion] a secondary bacteria erasing the vile microorganism which rests beneath the sun. A biological warfare taking place in which one force must eradicate the next in order to devour the rotting flesh of solar energy - - - - - asymptopia on part of the marines// a libidinal nourishment for annihilation on part of the imps and toxic avengers which force themselves through the veins of the integrated system [correspondingly an exercise in hysterical and delirious excavation]. It is due to this foundry that a deathconscious wave of violence is deteriorating matter into an abyssal cavity. // The pink labyrinth of the unconscious which is distrupted - gameplay is extension of the body and we excavate its theatrical dissimulation in order to zero our libidinal exchange of hyper-violence.

a cosmic catatonic abstract body


Doomguy is a maggot crawling across an open wound – unknowingly purifying the damaged area but not sufficiently healing it – rather, continuously blistering the aperture.

'It is quite clearly a question of the fact that the sign is on the one hand caught in these networks, thus localizable in metonymic systems (still, often with Freud himself, in metaphoric systems) each differing from the others, that it is heterosemic or heterological and consequently subject to semiotics - but furthermore, jenseits, that it is not assignable to a specific function nor therefore to the play of its effects of meaning, nor to any other,that it is indissociably a sign of referral and through referral, but without an assignable reference. - L.E (p.69) J-F Lyotard.

And within all of this, we find that the death of GODMODE exists as a crisis to the body – GODMODE//IDDQD// – immortality in need of deconstruction.

(i)                  GODMODE can be summarised in what Lyotard lays out by his representational nihilism of “the GREAT ZERO”; in which the realm of a digitalised platform commits annihilation of the representational and actual living experience of what that represents – and also what it replaces in the nourishment of DOOM.

Whereas this immortality appears to have reconciliation with success, [the player and Doomguy] it only solidifies its separation. The player thus has withdrawn from the game – the player is in a state of despair, the crisis in the authority of meaning sinks as the strobe of videodrome metamorphosis heal over the eye a gold shield - the god particle. This does not reconcile the player with the real world, rather, further alienates.

This is the death of GODMODE - in which the logic of GODMODE becomes contingent – and places the body in further crisis. And must result in its opposition;


(The death of GODMODE first reached Mars – like a supernova. The death of GODMODE has already happened. [It] will just take a while to reach Hell on Earth.)

There are waves of violence occurring in the parallel of the game and its player. The logic within the game – its consistent, repetitive and static flow in which will never change nor develop. Within Doom is true finitude – outside of Doom, the player and its surrounding – is infinite. This is the new method of philosophy – the meditation within the game, the shudder of pain felt within the replicated theatre of agony. Pain is not felt, but pain is reacted to appropriately. Thy flesh consumed within the new real – the image of Doom is reality and exposes us to a pain beyond empiricism.

We can see in - but Doomguy cannot see out.

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